Personal Narratives Writing Unit | Terrific Writing 2nd Grade Curriculum Unit 1


This 2nd grade personal narratives writing unit is where your students will learn how to write engaging personal narratives about their lives. Terrific Writing is a comprehensive writing curriculum for second grade.


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2nd Grade Personal Narratives Writing Unit –
Looking to teach personal narrative writing to your grade 2 students? Terrific Writing is a comprehensive second grade writing curriculum. In this personal narratives writing unit, students learn how to write engaging stories about their lives.
This curriculum is standards based (to the common core) and genre based.


Are you struggling to teach writing? Do your students hate writing lessons?


Does your school not provide you with a writing curriculum? Or worse, is it awful? Many teachers say that their big box curriculum is “open ended and vague”, “not teacher friendly and too wordy”, or “too difficult for the kids”. As a result, many teachers hate teaching writing and their students hate writing lessons.
But what if there was a way for your writing lessons to be engaging for students and enjoyable for you to teach?
In this curriculum, your students will develop a love of writing. The graphic organizers, interactive notebooks, and final craft will engage students much more than a blank piece of paper.
For example, the final writing piece asks students to write about a happy memory that they have chosen! After all, students love to write about things that they are interested in.


Are you short on time?

This 5-week unit has EVERYTHING you need, because let’s be honest, teachers are time poor.

Let’s get your evenings and weekends back, my friend! So, take a break from lesson planning and searching for engaging materials. It’s all right here.


What’s included in this 2nd grade personal narratives writing unit?

  • 25 step-by-step scripted lesson plans (one-page plans that are NOT wordy)!
  • 21 posters
  • 17 personal narrative graphic organizers / worksheets
  • 3 interactive notebooks and 1 writing craft
  • 6 original mentor texts (so you don’t have to source any)!
  • 24 tasks cards extension activities (for your high flyers)
  • 1 assessment – personal narrative rubric


The lessons follow a simple format of mini lesson, think and share, and independent writing time.


Most importantly, students are NOT told to just ‘go off and write’ as if that will magically make them good writers! In this unit, each concept is explicitly taught and students learn all about the structure and features of a personal narrative.


Here’s everything else that’s included in this 2nd grade personal narratives writing unit –

  • First, a video overview to help organize and implement the unit
  • Then, a list of common core standards that align with this unit
  • Next, suggestions for differentiation and lesson times
  • Also, a unit scope and at-a-glance calendar
  • Lesson materials list
  • Student book/folder cover (3 versions – journal, notebook, or folder)
  • 1 writing prompt pre-assessment
  • 8 lined pages (for first drafts and crafts)
  • 2 checklists
  • 1 set of compliment notes (2 versions – b&w, color)
  • 2 certificates (boy and girl, each in 2 versions – b&w, color)
  • Also, teacher directions, examples, and elaborations for the rubric
  • Video with tips for using the rubric
  • Video tutorial for how to make the craft (attached file and a YouTube link)
  • Finally, a folder of example photos of the student printables and craft


Here’s a breakdown of the lessons –

First, lessons 1-5:

  • What is a personal narrative?
  • What is a good sentence?
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Narrowing down ideas
  • The structure of a narrative

Then, lessons 6-10:

  • What will my narrative be about?
  • Creating characters
  • Describing a setting
  • Writing a problem or event
  • Creating a solution

Lessons 11-15

  • Writing a narrative
  • Linking words
  • Sentence stretching
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Start with a hook

Lessons 16-20

  • Actions, thoughts, and feelings
  • Writing a paragraph
  • Writing an ending
  • The brainstorm
  • Planning a narrative

…and lessons 21-25

  • The first draft
  • Time to revise
  • Time to edit
  • The final draft
  • Publishing party


How do you teach a 2nd grader to write a personal narrative? Grab this 2nd grade writing unit today and find out!
This PDF is a digital download. You will recevie a zip file upon purchase.


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