Fourth Grade Opinion Writing Prompts and Worksheets


These opinion writing prompts for 4th grade are perfect for your writing lessons or literacy centers. There are 25 opinion writing worksheets, so that writing for the year is covered!


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This 30 page fourth grade opinion writing resource is a must-have for teaching fourth grade opinion or persuasive writing. Your 4th grade students will love these prompts during writing lessons, writing centers, or writer’s workshop. These fourth grade writing activities are no prep worksheets, so simply print and go!

This is a year’s worth of worksheets that includes student friendly and also seasonal topics (so that students can have fun writing opinion pieces throughout the school year, e.g. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter)!

Introduce a topic or text clearly, state an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which related ideas are grouped to support the writer’s purpose. Provide reasons that are supported by facts and details. Link opinion and reasons using words and phrases (e.g., for instancein order toin addition). Provide a concluding statement or section related to the opinion presented.

Note: These worksheets are great for 3rd grade too, depending on your student’s capabilities.


What is included:

30 pages of fourth grade opinion writing prompts (25 ready to go and 5 blank templates).

The prompts are in 5 different template styles, for example, some are more scaffolded/picture based, whereas others have more lines, for more advanced writers.

  • The Best Animal
  • The Best Insect
  • The Best Christmas Treat
  • The Best Season
  • The Best Sport
  • The Best _______ (Blank Template)
  • Do You Prefer Butterflies or Ladybugs?
  • Do You Prefer Rain or Snow?
  • Do You Prefer Summer or Winter?
  • Do You Prefer Birthdays or Halloween?
  • Do You Prefer Easter or Christmas?
  • Do You Prefer_______?(Blank Template)
  • Would You Rather…be the teacher or the student?
  • Would You Rather…be strong or be able to fly?
  • Would You Rather…be a mermaid or a leprechaun?
  • Would You Rather…play basketball or soccer?
  • Would You Rather…be a dinosaur or a lion?
  • Would You Rather_______?(Blank Template)
  • My Favorite Candy
  • My Favorite Dessert
  • My Favorite Junk Food
  • My Favorite Fruit
  • My Favorite Drink
  • My Favorite_______(Blank Template)
  • Which Is Better…cats or dogs?
  • Which Is Better…reading or playing sport?
  • Which Is Better…sand or snow?
  • Which Is Better…spring or fall?
  • Which Is Better…doughnuts or sundaes?
  • Which Is Better_______?(Blank Template)


When/how to use these Fourth Grade Opinion Writing Prompts:

  • Whole group writing lessons
  • Small group work (literacy and writing centers)
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Independent writing practice
  • Early finishers
  • Morning work
  • Homework
  • Assessment

please note-

At first glance, this product may seem ‘easy’ for the 4th grade it is advertised for. This product is not meant to be pages full of writing lines. It is a scaffolded approach to teaching writing, with word prompts, as well as clip art and drawing boxes in order to be engaging. It is perfect for fourth grade students who are struggling with writing or first learning the genre. This product is not for you if you are looking for all of the prompts to be full pages of writing lines. This fourth grade product is intended to help teach and scaffold the writing skill, not to be pages full of lines in which students write completely on their own (although some of the prompts are this way).

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